If you want to gain status at the Fatty Fest nothing will do it faster than winning one of the stage events and putting on the heralded Fatty Top Hats. A discounted one cost entry fee makes Omni events a no brainer. Will you walk home with the next top hat?

XC Omni

The beast of the weekend. Three Days. Three events. Short Track Friday, Super D Saturday and XC Sunday will put the whoop on anyone.  The margins are thinner than you think and any mishap can pull back even the fastest of riders.


Cat 1 Male                      Cat 1 Female

1st - Top Hat and $100  1st - Top Hat and $100

2nd - Award                   2nd - Award

3rd - Award                    3rd - Award 

Cat 2 Male                        Cat 2 Female

Awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd      Awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Cat 3 Male                        Cat 3 Female

Awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd       Awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Cost to enter: 

Cat 1 - $95 

Cat 2 - $80

Cat 3 - $65

*Omni participants may enter into Super D cash field


Short Track finish place overall by category (not age group) + XC finish place overall by category (not age group) + Super D finish place overall = Score. Lowest score wins.

Downhill Duo

The gravity laden event tests the lungs, skills, and endurance of every rider. Downhill racing starts the day off followed by the Super D after lunch. Two downhill runs allow for improvement or recovery from bike mishaps, but only one run for the Super D will require you to hang it all out in one surge. Both premier spectating courses with lots of cowbell. Who will be crowned King of the Mountain?


Male Overall                        Female Overall

1st - Top Hat and $100       1st place - Top Hat and $100

2nd - Award                         2nd place - Award

3rd - Award                          3rd place - Award


Cost to enter - $75 

*Downhill Duo participants may enter into the fields with cash payouts for each race


Downhill overall rank + Super D overall rank = score.  Lowest score wins. 


Pre-register for all events at Bikereg.com (link coming soon)

On-site registration closes one hour before start of event.

XC Omni and DH Duo Competitors: To be eligible for XC Omni and DH Duo awards you must be registered  by Friday night. We highly suggest registering Online at Bike Reg.com. 


Friday-4:00-7:00pm- Lake Leatherwood City Park

Saturday- 7:00-9:00am and 1:30-6:00pm - Lake Leatherwood City Park

Sunday- 7:00-8:15am - City Auditorium